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Wheeler & Associates Architects, LLC creates beautiful, functional, original custom homes for our clients. Our thoughtful design process centers around your style and personal goals, resulting in the ideal space for you to live, work, raise your family, entertain and relax. Your finished home will reflect your hopes, desires and changing needs, all while maximizing your building site, budget, space, light and environment. Wheeler & Associates Architects, LLC is a successful Alexandria-based firm specializing in residential design across northern Virginia, including the City of Alexandria, Fairfax County, Falls Church and Arlington.


Wouldn't you like to know before the first shovel full of dirt is moved what your finished home will look and feel like? Wheeler & Associates Architects, LLC Architects' designs are the product of collaboration with our clients. We use 3D modeling to investigate, explain and share the design with you so you get a feel for what you home will really be like when your project is complete.

Instead of looking at static drawings, you can visit a virtual model of your home anytime and discover for yourself what it would be like to walk through and around your new home. We will show you where the sun will be in the morning as you sit at your breakfast table or relax on your porch with a glass of wine in the evening. You can interact with the design of your home at your leisure, from a mobile device, computer or tablet. By creating a virtual building during design we maximize expectations, minimize costly mistakes and improve quality control.

WHY Wheeler & Associates Architects, LLC?

Wheeler & Associates Architects, LLC provides solutions to solve problems with your existing home or create your perfect new home. From the beginning, we partner with you, taking into account your desires, site, style and budget.

We do not bring preconceived ideas to the table or try to impose our opinions on you. You will occupy your home for many years to come, and our job is to create a home that will give you the comfort and functionality you need. You will work directly with our founder and principal architect, Michael Wheeler, receiving the benefit of his more than 35 years of experience to deliver the home of your dreams.

Every design is created with your unique goals and style in mind, and we work with you every step of the way. Using 3D technology, we give you the ability to virtually "walk through" and become intimately familiar with the design of your home on your own time.

In renovations and additions we carefully integrate the new design with your existing home, resulting in a cohesive and seamless design. If you are seeking something different, we can design the addition to contrast for a more modern interpretation.

If you want to make your small home look and feel larger, we can help. Through a masterful use of design, creating space where none existed before, we make small homes live large. If you have a large home that you want to feel more cozy, we can add personality, scale and charm to bring warmth and texture to your rooms.


The Wheeler & Associates Architects, LLC approach to design is a collaborative one. We don't assume. We ask.

Unlike many firms, where your project is shuffled to a project manager, at Wheeler & Associates Architects, LLC you will work directly with our founder and principal architect, Michael Wheeler. With more than 35 years of experience, Michael will partner with you to design and deliver the home of your dreams.

Before we begin to design, we have a conversation with you, asking you questions that will allow us focus on your goals and aspirations for the project. We use this information to set and monitor the goals and progress of the project. We provide you with a binder of information so that you understand what to expect in terms of timeline, budget and project specifications.

We then use a 3D modeling program to create a computerized model of your project, which serves as the basis of all future design efforts. The model gives you the ability to walk through the designs, viewing and experiencing them in an interactive manner so that you really understand and can visualize the final product. This eliminates uncertainty, saving money and time during construction because you know what to expect and won't face any unpleasant surprises.

On every project, we take into consideration the individual characteristics of your home site. The style of each project is subject to the constraints and benefits of the site, the existing architecture and your lifestyle. Our designs are influenced by the natural features of the site so that we can create a special sense of place that takes advantage of your home's unique location, characteristics and surroundings.

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